Dogs Tips

Being polite deserves a prize

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It is an obligation for any owner to teach his pet the basic rules of behavior. Always do it with affection, through games, walks, caresses or soft words, leaving punishments for extreme cases, and never ever using mistreatment or violence.

On the other hand, we know that when a dog behaves as we wish, and we get him to learn a rule, we must reward his effort. However, even when we reward our dog, we must do it well. Not just any reward will do.

Good dogs and rewards

Our dog makes us so happy that we want to make him happy and we offer him an excess of treats and treats. Sometimes it happens. But let’s keep in mind the value of taking care of your health.

Food is a great ally when it comes to educating a pet. And you have to know when and how to receive them.

1. When teaching behavioral guidelines, have the snacks or treats that they like the most on hand. Offer it right at the moment it obeys you. Only then will you understand why.

2. Alternate food rewards with games and walks. So, in addition to feeling loved, you will be causing him to exercise, which is good for his health, and helps him to lose the calories from the treats.

3. Don’t give him treats when he misbehaves.

4. There are many dog treats on the market. Choose the one that is best for him and his health. Try not to abuse those that cause overweight and ration them as a gift for special occasions.