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Cats and prohibited products

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For us, our pet is like our child, or our life companion, and that is why we are accustomed to give them or use with them remedies and foods or medicines that, if they bring us relief and pleasure, they can even kill a pet.

Conflicting products


Although acetylsalicylic acid is harmless in humans and serves to relieve various types of ailments, it should never be administered to a cat without first consulting your veterinarian. The main problem when administering medicines for human use to pets is that we do not know how much, in relation to the weight, much less in the case of animals, we can use without causing them harm. In case a simple aspirin harms our cat, let’s keep in mind that this drug can remain in its organism for days.

Aloe vera

Although there are products made from aloe vera that are of veterinary application, we should never use aloe on our pet without the corresponding consultation with the veterinarian. Much less leave such a plant to the animal’s free will. In uncontrolled doses it could be toxic. Many of the most common plant species are toxic to cats.


Chocolate is poisonous to cats. So, even if it drives us crazy with happiness, we don’t want to share our gluttony with our cat, we’d better find them a cat treat that they like.

Neither garlic nor onion

Both are very good for human health. However, they are toxic to many animals, including cats .