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Beginner in poultry? Find out which are the best

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Birds can be wonderful pets: their songs and trills and the beautiful plumage that many possess can be enchanting. But, if you are a beginner in birds, you should know that some species may require more complex care. Therefore, in this article we tell you about the best birds to have if you are adopting one for the first time.

Certainly, if you are a beginner birder there are some basic things to consider. For example, the bird’s habitat, which will be a cage large enough for the bird to stretch its wings and feel comfortable in. In addition, the place where you will be able to cage. It is important to know that most birds tend to be social beings and do not like to be isolated. So you should probably place his cage in a place where he can interact with people.

Bird beginner: Species recommendations

As a beginner in birds, you can consult the advice of a veterinarian, who will guide you about domestic species and the care they require. Of course, this includes balanced feeding and the respective controls. Now, let’s see which birds can adapt more easily to the home routine.

  • Finch: Finches are fantastic birds for a beginner birder. Of course, it is better to have a pair of finches, because this way you will be much happier. They don’t usually need too much interaction with people, but they do need to get out of their cage for a while every day to fly around the house. Such a bird can be perfect when there are children at home.
  • Canary: Canaries are known for their special trills, although it is important to know that only males sing. In fact, male canaries use their song to court females. These birds are very easy to care for and their diet is not very complex. In addition, the song of a canary can really brighten up the home.
  • Budgerigars: Budgies tend to be much more playful than canaries or finches. But like these, it does not require complex care. To keep it healthy and happy, it will be enough to give it a cage with adequate space and that its food is the right one. Something to take into account is that if you wish to interact with this bird, it is preferable that you have only one. This is because if there is more than one parakeet, they will socialize more among themselves than with people.

Winged pets

In general, domestic birds are an excellent choice for those looking for a companion pet. This is because many bird species are very intelligent, funny and affectionate. Because of this and other qualities, they can become an excellent companion for their owners.

In any case, it is advisable that you get advice about the most recommended bird species according to the care you can provide to your future winged pet. Remember that any pet you decide to adopt needs love, attention and care.

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