A beautiful love story between animals, the story of PUMPKIN THE RACCOON

Today we bring you the beautiful story of PUMPKIN THE RACCOON, a raccoon who thinks she is a dog.

PUMPKIN THE RACCOON lives in Nassau, Bahamas, one of the few places where it is not forbidden to have a pet raccoon.

When Pumpkin was one month old he fell out of a tree in the garden of Rosie Kemp’s house and broke a leg. The Bahamas Humane Society could not adopt an orphaned raccoon, so Rosie Kemp and her sister Laura Young rescued and cared for her.

They cared for her as if she were their own family. They gave her a name, Pumpkin, and fed and warmed her every few hours, just as her real mother would have done for her.


They expected Pumpkin’s mother to come back for her, but she never did.

So a month later, Pumpkin went to live in the home of Laura Young and her husband William. Laura’s concern was how her dogs Toffee and Oreo would adjust to this new tenant. But, the concern that was immediately dispelled, as he immediately connected with the dog couple.

Pumpkin plays with them as if she were one of them, she thinks Toffee and Oreo are her parents. He has a lot of respect for them and loves to cuddle with them. This teaches us that friendship, love and respect can come from the most unsuspected hands.

A pure love between animals.

Laura Young has published a book. PUMPKIN the raccoon who thougt she was a dog, which documents with beautiful photos, this story. You can also follow Pumpkin’s adventures on his Instagram.

This story demonstrates the adaptability of animals. Seeing a Raccoon, a wild animal, very curious and active, that coexists perfectly with humans and animals, is a marvel worth seeing.

Helping and taking in an animal can give you a very pleasant surprise, likewise when you find an injured animal call the competent authorities, do not leave it to its fate.

We are all responsible for making all species living on this planet happier.