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2 Tips for caring for your British Shorthair cat

I am going to introduce you to a cat very adorable, he is the best pet for children, he loves to play and feel loved, he is one of the oldest breeds in Europe. During the 1800’s this kitten attracted attention, so much so that he participated in the exhibition of animals at the Crystal Palace, causing a sensation because of their fur and their characteristic eye color.

This cat breed lives between 12 and 14 years, they are medium to large size. Their bodies are majestic, with short fur, broad head, wide nose, thick and round legs.

Hygiene and maintenance of a British Shorthair

Although cats groom themselves, it is important to bathe them once a month to prevent them from licking and spitting out hairballs. It should be noted that it is essential to create bathing routines from an early age. To bathe them, it is recommended to use a special shampoo for cats that does not contain toxic substances.

A trick for bathing them is to fill the bathtub with water before putting your cat in the bath, this prevents your cat from getting scared, they are usually afraid of the sound produced by the water falling from the faucet. It is also advisable to place a mat in the bathtub so that your kitten can rest its claws on it and allow you to bathe it more comfortably.

How to care for your British Shorthair cat.

Brush your pet periodically, this will help your cat to have a healthy, shiny and healthy coat. Use a natural bristle brush to detangle your cat’s hair, this will help prevent knots in its coat. The procedure to brush your cat’s hair is to start from the back leg to the ears and then brush it in the opposite direction of its hair growth and finally comb its tail.

The British Shorthair is an easy breed to keep. We have to be especially careful with their diet as they have a tendency to gain weight very quickly. It is advisable to give them small portions of food two or three times a day to keep them at the correct weight. Remember, do not give human food, these are toxic for our kittens.

Clean the tear ducts of the eyes constantly with a damp cloth, check the ears and make sure they are free of earwax. Perform maintenance on her nails with special scissors, trimming them superficially taking care not to touch the vein inside the nail.

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