Care Feeding Tips

3 fundamental tips for the care of your parrot

If you have decided to have a parrot as a companion, you can be sure that you have made an excellent choice. These are highly intelligent and entertaining birds that have made more than one of us laugh with their words and laughter – learned through habit – that they repeat so fluently, to the point of seeming to hold a conversation. However, there are certain considerations you should keep in mind if you want the best care for your parrot to be a healthy and well-trained pet.

Prepare the habitat for good parrot care

Get a suitable cage, large and comfortable, in which the parrot can feel at ease and move around easily. It should have enough space to add swings for play and recreation, as well as food and water bowls. Locate the cage in a place where the parrot can interact and feel accompanied, since these animals tend to get depressed if they spend too much time alone, and this can affect their health.

Feed your parrot well

As part of your parrot’s care, you should provide your bird with a varied diet. While it is true that the seed mixtures prepared by the establishments are usually very good for this, it is necessary that you not only feed him with this, but also give him to eat foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, which allow him to receive an adequate amount of nutrients in his body.

On no account give them to taste things like: caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, sugary foods, beans, cabbage, asparagus, avocado or onions, as these can be seriously toxic for them.

Train and socialize your parrot

First you must try to gain your parrot’s trust, remember that these animals -unlike dogs and cats- are not domesticated animals, but are wild by nature. So, if he is surly, you must get him used to seeing you, little by little and with caution. In the training process, you can use nuts, seeds or fruits as treats, so that it will agree to leave the cage and allow itself to be petted by you. You can also use repetition of words so that the parrot tries to imitate them until it finally succeeds.

If you follow these tips, you are guaranteed to have a fun and healthy parrot.

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