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More than 100 captive birds rescued in Pompeya

It all happened in the town of Nueva Pompeya in Bueno Aires, Argentina. During the first week of May, Metropolitan Police officers rescued more than 100 birds in captivity to be sold illegally in an operation that lasted more than 4 hours.

It is no secret that animal trafficking has become one of the most profitable businesses on the black market. This horrible business is in third place among illicit commercial activities after drug trafficking and arms.

Many animals are taken from their natural habitat to be sold or traded illegally. The uses for these creatures are diverse, whether to extract their skin, part of their body or to be sold as pets.

The operation to rescue birds in captivity

The seizure operation of the captive birds in Nueva Pompeya was carried out by the National Ministry of Environment and the control of the National Wildlife Directorate. According to the Metropolitan Police, more than 18 types of birds were seized, including black-headed, seedlings, parakeets, goldfinches and parrots. The total number of birds totaled more than 104 birds.

These small birds were found in cages or in cardboard boxes exposed to the public and the objective was to be sold to the highest bidders. The seized animals also included two turtles and a small alligator.

The animals will go to a nature reserve

The seizure was a procedure that had been under investigation for more than two months. All the animals that were rescued will be transferred to a reserve in the territory of Temaikén, where they will be cared for and rehabilitated before being released into their natural habitat.

The trade of birds or wild animals is prohibited unless you have a permit for licensed hatcheries and have the corresponding documentation.

It is important to emphasize that those people who buy birds illegally are contributing to animal trafficking that threatens the environment and the planet.

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