Cats Tips

Your kitty says that…

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We all think we understand our pet perfectly, but does your cat ever get on your nerves? Then you have failed to understand him. Not only humans gesticulate, cats and other animals also express their moods. If you start paying attention to his gestures, body position and tail posture, the coexistence between you and your cat will improve a lot. Learn more:

I like you

If your cat rubs your cheeks or the back of your neck against your legs and cuddles up to you with his head up, he is telling you that he likes you very much. If he also licks your face and hands, your cat loves you very much. Cats also know how to give kisses to their offspring and mates. If your cat also starts to paw at you as if she is kneading you, it means that she trusts you completely. This is the same gesture that kittens make on their mother’s breasts to stimulate milk.

I want to play

Cats play following their hunting instinct, so your hands can become the improvised target. Take care of yourself, but don’t scold him, he’s playing. If he/she rolls on the floor, you drive him/her happily crazy.

I am afraid

Tail and shrunken ears, snorting and bristling hair? It may be anger or fear. If he runs away, wait for him to stop, they don’t run very fast. When he is still, approach him gently.