Learn how to soothe your dog’s bark

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Dogs bark, we know this. However, it is true that some dogs bark more than others, and that our neighbors are not to blame for our pet’s nervousness. Sometimes, and although we repeat that barking is something natural and it is the way your dog has to communicate, it is possible to correct it. When a dog barks a lot, besides being annoying, the animal is also suffering.

Fear or anxiety the most common causes

Normally, a dog spends many hours barking, or barks pitifully when left alone in the house. The fear of loneliness, so human, is one of the vices that we usually transmit to an animal when it lives with us.

A dog barks to get attention if it is lonely, upset or angry.

How to deal with barking

The first thing is to take it easy. But this does not mean that we ignore the problem, because then it will get worse. It is necessary to talk to him calmly, with a sweet and friendly tone. Otherwise, if we shout or raise our voice, the dog will become more excited.

You have to educate him to be alone. To keep him from getting bored, leave him toys and pillows.

Get him used to letting him play alone in the room for short periods of time that you will lengthen, until he gets used to the fact that nothing bad happens if he stays home alone.