Understand your dog’s barking

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The barking of a dog, no matter how much of a pet it is, can be annoying. However, when a dog barks, it almost always has a good reason to do so. Barking is the dog’s language, together with body language, which dogs use to communicate with other animals, whether they are dogs, humans or other species.

Breaking myths

Although dogs can scare us when they bark and we immediately think that they are animals because they bark, nothing could be further from the truth. Like a baby crying, a dog’s bark alerts us to something happening. The meaning can range from wanting to attract attention, to alert us that a stranger is nearby, and it can also bark to tell us that it wants to play or that it is hungry.

Types of barking

A bark can be territorial if it is loud and repetitive. Of warning, if severe and spaced. Or of fear, if at the same time he barks, he retreats backwards.

If your dog stretches out his front legs and starts barking, he wants to play with you. If his barking is insistent, high-pitched and repetitive, it could be that something is wrong with him and he wants to get your attention.

He may also bark in frustration, for example, when he feels lonely.