Xiaomi launches a smart litter box for your cat

Technology company Xiaomi announced the launch of a smart litter box for cats. The device performs an automatic cleaning of cat feces and deposits them in a container. It can remain for up to fourteen days without needing to be changed. At the moment, the device was launched for sale in the Chinese market for 1,499 yuan, which is equivalent to about 204 euros.

The device is part of the line developed by the company to have a smart home. In the same vein, Xiaomi has already introduced other devices intended for pet use. These are a feeder and drinker, designed to allow the care of dogs and cats when their owners are away from home.

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Intelligent sandbox

The smart cat litter box contains a mechanism that is designed for the well-being of pets in the home. In addition, it is equipped with several features that make it a technologically advanced, yet easy-to-use device, as highlighted on the company’s website.

The device has been designed to give cat owners peace of mind when disposing of feces in the event of travel or extended absences. The company emphasizes that the promise of up to fourteen days without the need to change it contemplates an average of three daily stools of an adult cat.

The intelligent litter box has a large capacity container for the storage of excrement. The capacity is up to 8.6 liters. The stool is automatically cleaned by a drum-like mechanism located inside the box. This mechanism is in charge of turning and moving the sand until the feces are deposited in the container.

Compatible with sands

The company’s website details that the litter box is compatible with different types of litter. For example, it can be used with mixed litter, bentonite cat litter or broken litter. In addition, it can filter the feces with the highest precision, as well as save on sand usage.

A very important detail of the litter box is that it has a function that prevents the filtration of bad odors. Through technology, the device does not emit odors, but also does not use a deodorizing system that could suffocate pets. It also has a sealing ring capable of eliminating odors.

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In keeping with the technology company’s intentions to create smart homes, the cat litter box can collect data about your pet’s health. The data can be collected through the application provided by Xiaomi, once it is connected to the device.

The application can be used to consult different data on the felines, as well as to show when they use the box. In the case of multi-cat households, the device allows the registration of up to five cats.

In addition, the box can be linked to other company devices, such as smart cameras or air purifiers. These can work together and bring peace of mind to homeowners.

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