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How to keep cat litter odor-free

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One of the things that can be annoying when we have a cat in a cramped apartment or house is the smell of cat litter. In this article we tell you about some tricks to reduce the problem.

How to remove cat litter odor

Cat urine and feces often have a particular odor that is quite pungent and unpleasant. That is why it is essential to keep a constant cleaning of the litter box where the cat will do its needs.

But sometimes, daily cleaning is not enough. That’s why we tell you some tricks to avoid bad odor in cat litter. However, it is important to know that there will be cases in which, in spite of following the advice given, it will not be possible to remove the odor completely. At least if you manage to reduce it.

  • Sodium bicarbonate. The use of sodium bicarbonate of soda is able to absorb bad odors while being a disinfectant product. The problem is that it can be toxic so you should take some precautions. Spread a thin layer of baking soda on the bottom of the sandbox and then cover it with the sand you use on a regular basis. Proceed in the same way with the cleaning of the sandbox
  • Activated carbon. Activated carbon is a powerful absorbent that greatly reduces the odor of cat feces. In addition, cats are not regularly bothered by having activated carbon in the litter box. On the contrary, they tend to use a litter box with activated carbon more than a litter box without it.
  • Agglomerating sand. This material is formulated to form balls on contact with urine. This way, when you pass the shovel to remove the feces, you will also be able to remove the balls that were formed when they came into contact with the agglomerating sand. This material may be a little more expensive than regular cat litter, but it is certainly much more efficient in eliminating bad odors. It can also be enhanced with the use of activated charcoal or sodium bicarbonate.
  • Self-cleaning sand. This option is more expensive than the previous ones because it is a sophisticated system that washes and dries the sand. Here it will not be necessary to change the sand or remove the feces, since it is an electric device that liquefies the feces and evacuates them through the toilet pipe. It is necessary to replace the sand that will be lost in the process, but it is extremely effective. Another fact is that some brands allow a trial period of up to three months to ensure that your cat will get used to using it without problems.
  • Self-cleaning sandbox. It is a slightly more economical system than the previous one, but quite efficient. It has a design that allows the waste to fall to the bottom and be placed in a biodegradable plastic bag. This system is highly recommended when there is more than one cat in the house.

Either way, it is important to remember that whatever system you use, it is important to thoroughly clean the litter box at least once a week and remove the feces every day.

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