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Where is the ideal place for your cat to sleep?

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Cats usually spend a good part of the day sleeping. But do you know the best place for your cat to sleep? Many times we wonder how to choose the best place for them to sleep better and it ends up turning out that they themselves take a place that may not be to your total liking.

It should be remembered that cats usually spend up to 16 hours each day sleeping. This is equivalent to most of the day. Of course, each cat may have different habits and even change sleep patterns as they get older. In any case, to take care of the good health of everyone in the house it is important to take into account some tips and recommendations from pet experts.

The best place for your cat to sleep

We already know that one of the favorite activities of felines is simply sleeping. It is in their very nature to need long hours of restful sleep every day. But, and this is where the problems often start, cats often choose their sleeping place themselves. That is, unlike a dog that is much easier to get used to sleeping in a place that you provide, cats tend to have other ideas when it comes to sleeping. This could be solved if you get your cat used to sleeping in a certain place from a very young age. But if this doesn’t happen at an early age, he will most likely end up ignoring that precious cat litter you bought him.

Many times cats simply choose to sleep in the same room as their owners and even in the same bed. The reality is that although this may depend on the tastes of each pet and its owner, experts recommend that cats should have their own sleeping space. This can be a basket with a blanket or a mat. Ideally, the sleeping place should be located at a certain height so that the cat feels comfortable and at ease. Cats generally do not like to sleep on the floor. That’s why it has to be at a certain height.

The size of the litter is important, as it must have enough space for your cat to lie down comfortably. The place to place it should have a good temperature, but it should also be away from its litter box and the place where it eats.

Disadvantages of sleeping with your cat

There are cats that like to sleep in the same room and even in the same bed as their owners. The reality is that this type of behavior could have some drawbacks. The main one is that cat hair could cause some kind of allergy. This fact could be aggravated by spending sleeping hours together.

The other drawback is that cats have different nocturnal habits and sleep cycles than people. This means that your cat will wake up several times during the night to walk around, play and eat. It will also make noises that could cause you to lose sleep.

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