What penguins teach us about collaboration

Behind his James Bond-like tailcoat, his clumsy gait walking on the ice and his great speed in the water. Penguins can teach us many things about collaboration.

The penguin is one of the animals that evolution has made the most adaptable on the planet. Enduring the extreme conditions of Antarctica and diving is a great evolutionary achievement that they owe to their collaboration with each other. Penguins teach us

Collaborating with each other is vital. A quality that we humans should develop more, so let’s take an example from what penguins teach us.

What do penguins teach us about collaboration?

Your goals are not achievable alone

With the arrival of cold weather, penguins migrate in the opposite way than other animals to avoid predators. Even if this means that they must migrate to extreme zones that reach -50ºC. Being able to reproduce safely is worth this effort, so all penguins know where it has to go. They manage this difficult crossing by moving forward together en masse to protect themselves from the cold.

Collaboration between people is vital, both for our professional and personal lives. We cannot achieve what we set out to do without the support and help of others and vice versa. Trust, participation and group feeling are things we need to work on.

They are organized in a collaborative manner

Penguins lay about 3 eggs a year and with a lot of luck only one of them survives. When incubating the eggs, both the male and the female must be subjected to extreme temperatures for many days to protect the egg. So while one keeps the egg warm, the other goes hunting. And when the cubs are born, if both parents have to go hunting, the adults of the group stay close by and jointly care for all the cubs in the group.Penguins teach us

Our individualistic thoughts and actions bring us nothing. We are worth what we can give the best of ourselves. Making a mark in the world is not only about merit and academic or professional achievements, it is also about what we leave of ourselves to others. Ratos, juegos, risas, amor……

They live in constant communication

Penguins are the most social birds in the animal kingdom. They communicate constantly, this is because they live in very large groups. Therefore, they are totally dependent on communication to identify their mate or offspring. And of course the best communicators in the group are the ones who get the best nesting sites.

It is clear that it is when we talk, listen and understand information that we really collaborate with each other.

You’ve seen what penguins teach us. These aspects are very important and we should adopt them in our lives. Collaborating with others is really necessary. We are social beings, so let’s socialize.