Animals able to predict death

Studying animal behavior is something that many do. Ethology is the science that studies animal behavior. The aim is to provide answers to communication, skills, interaction….. that animals have. Did you know that there are animals capable of predicting death? but how?predicting death

Years and years of research have not been enough to answer this question with certainty. The behavior of animals hides secrets that cannot be understood by humans, although we have tried.

There are many theories, which postulate certain abilities of animals as supernatural. Do you think it is true?

Animals capable of predicting death: is it possible?

How does a spider manage to make a web without first learning from its parents? This is an innate ability that the spider possesses, just as humans have the innate ability to know how to eat. So, is it possible that predicting death is an innate ability in some animals?

Human ethology research studies evolutionary origins of human behavior and also compares behaviors across cultures. Animals have also undergone a process of evolution, but this has not been able to explain why animals possess this ability.

It has come to be believed that animals possess special detection abilities. Animals have been known to detect natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis.

Just before the 2004 tsunami that devastated South Asia, many animals showed strange behavior by running or flying to higher ground. Rescue teams found a surprisingly low number of dead animals, although there were also areas where many animals died, particularly cattle.

This fact raises further questions: Which animals have this ability; do they develop it according to the conditions in which they live or is it innate; do we humans impede the survival instinct of animals; does a domestic animal possess this ability; does a domestic animal possess this ability?

According to the versions:

Some scientists propose theories about the ability to detect certain subtle vibrations that allow animals to predict earthquakes. Others suggest that the animals detect changes in air or electromagnetic fields. In any case, it is likely that these events do not have a mysterious meaning, but rather the development of senses, such as hearing or smell.

It is very difficult for scientists to pinpoint exactly what causes the behavior of animals before an earthquake. After all, animals respond to many stimuli, some of which are difficult to track. Do you remember seeing your pet act strangely before any weather changes or natural phenomena? Does it act differently when it rains? What is clear is that now, we will pay more attention to the stimuli of our animals. Let’s see what happens.