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What is a self-cleaning cat litter box?

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A self-cleaning litter box is a device designed to facilitate the cleaning of your cat’s litter box automatically. These sandboxes are equipped with mechanisms that remove solid waste and keep the sand fresh without the need for daily manual intervention.

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In general, it is an invention that can help a lot with the cleaning of the home when we live with a kitty. In this post we tell you how a self-cleaning sandbox works and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

How does the self-cleaning sandbox work?

The self-cleaning sandbox generally operates with an automatic rake system, a screen system and a roller or conveyor system. The mechanical rake is activated periodically, after the cat has used the box. In this way, solid waste is separated from the clean sand. Waste is collected in a separate compartment or disposed of automatically. Clean sand is returned to the main area.

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Some self-cleaning sandboxes use a screen to separate solid waste from the sand. When activated, the sieve collects debris and allows clean sand to fall back into the box.

Sandboxes may also have a roller or conveyor mechanism that moves sand through the system, separating debris in the process.


  • Less maintenance: Self-cleaning sandboxes reduce the need to clean the litter box manually every day, saving time and effort.
  • Improved hygiene: By removing waste automatically, exposure to unpleasant odors and potential pathogens is reduced, improving household hygiene.
  • Less sand waste: These sandboxes help keep sand cleaner and longer lasting by removing only solid waste, which means you won’t have to change sand as often.
  • Less stress for the cat: Keeping the litter box cleaner on a consistent basis can reduce stress on the cat, as felines are known to be meticulous about their bathing environment.


  • Initial cost: Self-cleaning sandboxes are usually more expensive than traditional sandboxes.
  • Maintenance: Despite being self-cleaning, these devices still require regular maintenance, such as cleaning and changing of waste bags or drawers.
  • Noise level: Some models may make noise when activated, which could frighten or annoy some cats.

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Technology present

The choice of a self-cleaning sandbox depends on your needs, budget and personal preferences. Some cat owners find these devices to be a convenient investment that improves hygiene and simplifies litter box maintenance, while others prefer the simplicity of a traditional litter box.

What we do know is that if you are a fan of technology and have a michi at home, a self-cleaning sandbox can be an excellent choice for you.

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