What are the best dogs for living in small spaces?

If you are thinking about getting a dog, but live in a small apartment without much outdoor space, this article is for you. We tell you which dogs are best suited to small spaces.

You have to remember that having a pet is a matter of responsibility: you are adopting another member of the family and you must take the care it needs to be happy and healthy. Therefore, there are some dog breeds that may be difficult to keep in small spaces. Before making the choice of the new inhabitant of your home, take into account the following characteristics of these small breed dogs.

Dogs in confined spaces

Having a dog at home is usually not too complicated. But there are certain conditions and requirements to be taken into account for a happy pet. Among these is the space where you should feel comfortable and enjoy the place. Let’s see which breeds are the most suitable for living in small spaces and adapting to the environment.


Poodles are one of the most popular dogs worldwide. Its small size and its ability to adapt to the environment allow it to live quietly in a small space. A poodle will fit perfectly into a small apartment or other small living space.

It is a breed that does not usually bark for no reason, so it is good for small spaces where neighbors may show discomfort due to noise. A dog of this breed has an average lifespan of between eight and fifteen years.


Dachshunds are very affectionate, gentle and calm. It is another breed that can live in small spaces. They also tend to be good company when there are small children at home.

This type of dog needs a certain amount of exercise per day and also needs some walking to relax. In some cases, dachshunds may show stubborn traits in their character, so it is important to raise them with patience and affection, but also with determination.


Beagles tend to adapt well when they have to live in confined spaces. However, it is also an active breed. This means they will need a little more attention.

These dogs are characterized by their long ears and the three colors of their coat: white, black and brown. If there are small children at home, they will become inseparable companions. The life expectancy of a Beagle is between twelve and fourteen years.


A family with children will find in a cocker a perfect companion. Unlike other breeds, cockers are not usually stressed in homes with children. On the contrary, they will participate in the children’s games in one way or another because they are energetic animals.

As for the daily care of this breed, it is necessary for them to exercise every day or almost every day. Otherwise, they will tend to develop anxiety-related behaviors, such as excessive barking or breaking household objects.

Feeding is also an important point, but it is enough to ask the veterinarian for advice and to follow a balanced diet.


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