Today we have the Boxers

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No, no. By “boxer” we do not refer to a type of men’s underwear, but to that breed of dog that imposes with its deep snout and its strong and muscular body, so brindle or cinnamon that has earned a reputation for being a very territorial animal. Have you located them yet?

What we expect from a Boxer

This dog is the result of crossing other German breeds and the English Bull Dog, from which, without a doubt, it has taken that characteristic and unmistakable face. Boxers became popular after World War II. German policemen used them on the force, but they were not very efficient.

This breed usually gives us disobedient and very playful dogs, so their training requires extra doses of patience. His puppy character extends to about three years of age, so this gives us a dog full of energy, eager to move, explore and play. He is also a guard dog and takes care of his home with great enthusiasm.

Boxer Care

The Boxer is a short-haired dog, so you will have to brush it once a week. Regarding exercise, being large and corpulent, he needs long walks where he can unwind and exhaust himself, if that is possible. Another care that should not be denied to this dog is a good education, since, as we have pointed out, it is territorial and eager to command.