Devon Rex, the curly-haired cat

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Cats of the Devon Rex breed have a very funny characteristic that differentiates them from other felines at first glance. Without being an expert on these animals, you will be able to tell that they belong to this breed by this trait: they have curly hair! This is due to a fairly recent genetic mutation. Add to that the fact that it originated in Devon (England) and you have the name, because “rex” is curly.

Appearance of Devon Rex

We are dealing with a medium-sized, muscular and well defined cat, despite its light structure. Its head is triangular and small, which, combined with its long ears, gives it a funny, almost skunk-like air, and can remind us of another very particular breed, the Egyptian cats, although these do not have hair.


The Devon Rex is a lover of heights, so keep a close eye on it, lest you have to call the fire department to get it down from the tree or, as things stand, from an antenna! On the other hand, he is affable and playful, affectionate to a great extent. It does not require special care, although you should get an appropriate shampoo for this special coat.