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Tips for potty training your dog

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One of the issues that often cause problems for pet owners is that they relieve themselves in the places established for this purpose. In this post you will find some tips to make potty training your dog easy for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a puppy or an adult dog, since following the recommendations, it will be able to acquire good habits soon. Remember that accidents can happen, so a certain amount of patience is required to keep up with your dog, because some can learn faster than others.

Potty training your dog

1. Pay attention to your dog’s signals.

It is very likely that by observing your dog’s behaviors you can tell that he needs to go to the bathroom. For example, if he shows general restlessness, circling, barking, panting and sniffing the floor, these may be clear signs that he needs to be taken to the bathroom. It could also sniff the ground or have a low body posture. In these cases, get his attention quickly and take him to the place where he will relieve himself.

2. Check where it is best for your pet

To train your dog at home you can find out where he prefers to go to the bathroom. These surfaces known as substrates can be made of different materials such as paper, cement, gravel or special puppy pads.

3. Potty train your dog and establish a routine and stick to it over time.

Just as important as creating a routine for your pet to go to the bathroom is maintaining it over time. This will help maintain good habits and your dog will feel more confident. In addition, you can reinforce the behavior with praise once it is done in the right place. It is not recommended to give treats, because they might relate them as a wrong signal that going to the bathroom deserves a reward.

In any case, try to remain calm and patient until the dog acquires the best habits. Remember also that it is not a good idea to punish him for accidents, as it could generate inconvenient behaviors or unnecessarily stress your dog.


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