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3 ideas for a stress-free environment for your cat

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Are you concerned about having a stress-free environment for your cat?

You will be able to achieve it with the tips we leave here.

In addition, we should pay attention to the signs that could indicate that we are in the presence of a stressed cat.

For example, excessive meowing, obsessive cleaning or hiding are symptoms of stress that we could avoid in our pet.

  1. Odor. Cats are animals that possess a more acute sense of smell and hearing than humans.This means that some noises that are insignificant to you can be overwhelming for your cat, and the same can happen with scents that may be pleasant to you, but may be disturbing to your pet.

    In addition, it is important to know that cats have scent glands with which they leave their personal scent in the environment in which they live.

    If these odors are masked by stronger fragrances such as incense or essential oils and scented candles, they can cause stress to the cat. Avoid highly fragranced cleaning products.

    A good idea can be to prepare special spaces in a room for your cat.


  2. Sounds. An environment flooded with sound can be stressful for your feline pet.For example, a television on all day might not affect a person, but it might affect your cat, and you may not be able to eliminate all noise, but you can create a space where the noise can be a little more muffled.
  3. The sandbox. For cats, it is of utmost importance to have a litter box to relieve themselves.Cats tend to prefer large open boxes with litter that is odorless and sandy in texture. In any case, you may want to present different options to your cat until you find the one he likes best and feels most comfortable in.

Smoothing out as much as possible the possible sources of stress for your cat will make for a much happier pet.

Achieving a stress-free environment for your cat is possible!

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