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Tips for feeding your bird properly

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Having a pet, of any species, implies being in charge of a being for whose welfare you must look after. This also implies that you must feed it properly. The problem is that sometimes, due to lack of knowledge, we can make some mistakes. Therefore, we have prepared a series of tips to feed your bird in the best way.

In general, it is the veterinarian who will be able to comment on the specific needs that each species may have. But you can also take into account the feeding tips of our beloved winged pets. They are sure to help you keep them in excellent health.

Tips for feeding your bird

Ideally, you should seek advice on feeding your bird directly from your veterinarian. Another idea may be to look for specific literature on the species where you can learn what its needs are in terms of food, but also the temperature it needs and other environmental conditions. All of this is very important to maintain your health.

You can also supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals, specially formulated for birds. Remember that it is possible for your bird to take these nutrients from nature when it is in the wild. But being in captivity, you will have to provide them yourself.

When buying feed for your bird, check the list of ingredients. There you will be able to see what nutrients it has and what nutrients it might be lacking. You can also supplement your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

You should also avoid making the mistake of believing that the seed mixture is sufficient food for your pet. Although it is good to feed seeds, these should not be all the food your bird receives. This is because the seeds lack some amino acids and micronutrients. Another thing to take into account is that with the passage of time, seeds lose their nutritional value.

It should be taken into account that birds tend to put aside what they do not like in their food and eat what they do like. This does not necessarily mean that they have the instinctive wisdom to ensure a complete diet. That’s why you can give them poultry feed, which is a way to make sure they get all the nutrients they need without being able to separate it.

What happens with inadequate diets

When a bird is fed an inadequate diet, it can suffer from different disorders. Some of them may be mild, but others can cause illness and even death.

It is also important to know that fresh food should be removed from the cage after three to four hours. This is because they can spoil and become contaminated with bacteria that will be harmful to your health if ingested. Animal feed does not have the same problem, but fruits and vegetables do. It is necessary to keep the cage clean. This will also prevent your bird from getting sick due to lack of hygiene. At least once a week you should thoroughly clean the cage, and daily remove feces from their habitat.

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