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Know the smells that your dog hates

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Dogs tend to have a highly developed sense of smell and can therefore be much more sensitive to certain odors than humans. In this post we discuss which odors your dog hates and why that happens. You may be surprised by this characteristic of your doggy pet.

As an example, experts point out that the sense of smell is between ten thousand and one hundred thousand times more acute in dogs than in people. The olfactory receptors of dogs are much more numerous than those of humans. By comparison, a dog may have about 300 million olfactory receptors, while people typically have about five million.

What smells your dog hates

You have probably already noticed which smells your dog reacts to in one way or another. In fact, it is very likely that there are some smells that you find pleasant but that your dog does not like.

In this article we have prepared a series of odors that are usually unpleasant to dogs. This is so you can get to know your furry friend better. Remember that dogs, thanks to their superior number of olfactory receptors, are able to pick up many more nuances in a scent than you can.

Citrus fruits

Most people like citrus scents. For example, oranges, tangerines or lemons. However, it does not have the same effect on canines. This is because the essential oils in citrus fruits can cause respiratory tract irritation. For this reason, the natives tend to reject citrus scents and it is one of the scents that your dog hates.


Sometimes people put vinegar in places where they want to keep doggy pets away. In other cases, vinegar is also used to prevent them from urinating in unwanted places.

This type of action can give good results without causing any harm to the dog. The reality is that dogs hate the scent of vinegar because they find it very strong and will quickly run away when they detect it. It’s another scent your dog hates.


Alcohol is not only a detested scent for your pet, but it can also be extremely harmful to your pet’s skin. In general, products containing alcohol are harmful to your pet, both to smell and when they come into contact with your pet’s skin or are ingested.

Alcoholic beverages, perfumes and antibacterial gels are often harmful to your pet because of their high alcohol content. Your dog will probably sneeze when it senses these scents nearby and run away from you.

Ammonia and bleach

Many cleaning products often contain ammonia and bleach among their components. These are not only annoying to canines, but can also cause respiratory tract irritation. So we recommend that you do not use them near your dog.

The spicy

Spicy foods such as chili, chili, chili, chili pepper and pepper can cause rejection in your dog. In general, spicy foods have a component that is unpleasant to your dog. It is capsicin, which is an oleoresin that is irritating to mammals and that your dog will detest.

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