Three good reasons to get a dog

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There are many reasons to get a pet, some more good than others, so we will explore them over time, in case you are still not convinced that putting an animal in your life will only bring you good things. Today it is our turn to praise the goodness of dogs.

reasons for owning a dog1. Dogs know how to keep company

Even taking into account the barrier between species, the dog has earned the nickname of “best friend”.
best friend
man’s “best friend” for good reason. And there is nothing more comfortable than unburdening yourself on a warm and furry body that takes in your every word with attention and interest, even if it seems not to understand them. It is an unbeatable companion for a person who is lonely.

2. Dogs make you exercise

If you’re too lazy to go outside, need to move more, or your days are simply empty, there’s nothing like filling them with a playful pet that requires outside air and several minutes of exercise. This will force you to move and adapt to a new routine, which can only have a beneficial effect on your health. health and your mood, as exercise is known to help your self-esteem.

3. Dogs teach you to be more responsible.

It doesn’t matter if you are a child with your first pet or a man who has just retired: having a pet, a life, that depends on you, will inevitably make you mature and become aware of the needs of others. It is a pleasant teaching, a little hard if you take care of the animal by yourself, but it is very pleasantly rewarded, and anyone who has a dog can corroborate this.