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This bed is mine : favorite spaces for our dog

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favorite spaces for our dogAs if they had a magic sensor, pets have a special gift for locating the most comfortable places in a house.

And among these corners or favorite spaces for our dog or our cat is, of course, the bed. But not his nice, warm, carefully prepared bed that you provided when the puppy arrived as a new member of the household, but our bed.

It is normal for our pet to like to lie on our bed. And this taste goes beyond the selfishness and even the narcissistic sense that the animal may have. It is obvious that a pet at home quickly becomes the spoiled baby of the house, but their attitude obeys to other deeper reasons. Our dog loves our bed because, apart from being a warm, soft and soft place, it preserves our body odor. And this detail makes it even more appealing.

You in your bed and me in mine

Some people feel comfortable sharing a bed and bedroom with their pet. There is nothing wrong with doing so. However, although this practice has its advantages, it also has disadvantages. The positive thing is that an animal nearby, if it is educated, is always relaxing. After all, who loves you more and gives you a cheaper smile than your beloved pet?

But on the other hand, the day may come when, for various reasons, you do not want to share a room or bed with her. In such a case, the poor animal will not understand why you are kicking it out of your/your bed. You remember that habits have to be acquired from puppyhood. Teach him the importance of respecting your space.