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My cat has a fever

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Just like people, pets also get sick and, of course, their symptoms are not so different from ours when we are sick. But it is certainly more complicated to diagnose the disease in animals. How do I know if my cat has a fever?

my cat has a fever

We can put the thermometer, but as we know that this measure is not very much to the liking of animals and that it is quite complicated, we will not be all day going through that bad pill. So, here are some clues to help you suspect if your cat might be running a fever.

Cat fever

We assume that the normal temperature of a cat is around 38º. Therefore, a temperature above 39º is already a cause for concern. There are some symptoms that will alert us that our pet may have a fever. Some of these signs are that the nasal mucosa becomes dry and the animal will be agitated and restless. Your pulse will be faster than usual and you will find it hard to breathe.

If your cat insists on lying down and you notice that he is drooping, with half-closed eyes, it means that the fever is prolonged, and you should take him to the veterinarian for a check-up and care advice.

Taking the temperature

It is advisable to apply petroleum jelly to the thermometer before inserting it into the animal’s anus. Choose a time when your cat is more relaxed, give him cuddles, and gently insert the thermometer about 2 centimeters deep. Buy a quick thermometer, they are usually sold at the veterinary center, and it only takes 1 minute to mark the temperature.