Looking for room for the dog

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When a new member of the family arrives, no matter how much of an animal it is, we also have to look for it and prepare its room. We buy our dog the best food, the best toys, the best kennel and the best bed. But you also have to think about the best room in which to place all your things.

Gone are the days when the dog was relegated to the most hidden room of the house, such as the kitchen or the garden. Our dog is one more in the family with all its consequences. And often, it also becomes the most pampered member of the household.

Peace of mind and companionship

Pets need to be in an area of the house where they enjoy peace and quiet. Their sleeping and resting hours must be respected and, besides, a place with a lot of noise or excessive hustle and bustle could make our dog nervous. On the other hand, dogs also like to enjoy the complicity of their master. Thus, isolating it in a corner will only turn it into a depressive animal.

Experts advise that the dog, as a pack animal, should spend the day with the family. So you should place his things in the room where you humans do most of your living together. Another option is, if we have a terrace or garden, to place a kennel there but leave the door open so that he can freely decide where to be.

As for the night, if you have the dog at home, it is advisable to let him walk freely wherever he wants. As long as you keep it educated.