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A dog can be a hypochondriac : The imaginary sick person

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hypochondria in dogs

Dog owners know that dogs are highly sensitive and very intelligent animals. But how clever dogs are! They are even capable of faking illnesses they don’t have. Although perhaps they do believe they have them. Poor people! Hypochondria is a psychological disorder that also affects dogs.

Once we assume the intelligence of our pets, it should not surprise us that they come to use the disease as a kind of emotional blackmailtowards their masters. Because they are perceptive, they realize that when they get sick, everyone around them pampers them. It’s a pleasure to pretend to be sick like this.

Pampered dogs, actor dogs

Many pet owners tell how their pet accentuates a limp that magically disappears when they go to the kitchen for food, or pretends to suffocate and catches their breath when petted. Animals seek cuddles and spare no effort and resources to get them.

Experts say that hypochondria in animals occurs especially in those that have been more pampered by their masters. So if our dog has been treated as the king of the house during a period of illness or convalescence, after this time, if the pampering or attention diminishes, he will want to regain the lost throne. It is not surprising, therefore, that he feigns a relapse.

As for the solution, the first thing to do is to make sure that the animal is not actually sick. If the veterinarian assures you that it is healthy, pamper it, but do not give in to blackmail. Ignore this attitude or else you will be encouraging your pet‘s dramatic acting skills.