The story of Bamse, Norway’s symbol of freedom.

Bamse was a St. Bernard dog that became a symbol of freedom for Norway during World War II.

A story of overcoming and courage that has not left us indifferent. And we are sure that you will be surprised too.

Discover the history of BamseBamse

Bamse’s story begins in Oslo, where he was bought by Hafto, the captain of a Norwegian whaler named Thorodd. The beginning of his adventures took place on this ship, where he lived happily with his owner.

At the beginning of World War II, the Thorodd was recruited by the Royal Norwegian Navy as a coastal patrol…

In 1940, after the Nazi invasion, the ship fought against the Germans and transported prisoners of war. Bamsee’s company lifted the crew’s spirits.

During battles he would stand in the gun turret and wear a metal helmet custom-made by the soldiers.

His acts of heroism include hundreds of anecdotes such as the attack on a man who had tried to kill a captain. He was also, surprisingly, a great mediator, managing to appease the differences between crew members.

He was an incredible support to everyone on the ship, an undercover captain worthy of his position!

How does Bamse’s story end?

Bamse died in July 1944, in Montrose, due to heart failure. He was buried with military honors and every ten years the Royal Norwegian Navy holds a ceremony in his memory.

In this city there is also a monument to his memory. He was awarded the posthumous title Norges Hundeorden, for his service in the war. In 2006, he was awarded the PDSA Gold Medal for his bravery and devotion to duty.

A dog’s bravery, kindness and good heart never cease to amaze us…

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