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How to rescue a stray cat

There are countless abandoned pets on the streets, some owners who are not very responsible leave their small pets adrift once they get tired of them.

The fate of these animals is not promising, many times they perish from starvation because they do not know how to get food by their own means or they are taken to kennels where their final destiny is death.

However, many people think differently and have dedicated themselves to rescuing animals from the street.

Many times these anonymous heroes become the only salvation for the little animals.

In the case of stray cats, they can find themselves in such extreme situations that some people are moved and decide to rescue them by any means necessary.

Such is the case of finding them in the middle of the street about to be run over or put in bags and thrown in the garbage.

If this type of situation happens to you or you simply want to become an anonymous hero who adopts stray cats, take into account these recommendations:

Act in haste

If you find yourself witnessing a situation where your cat is in danger, you must act quickly so that the feline does not suffer more than necessary.

Try to rescue the animal by your own means and if you are unable to do so, look for help nearby.

The worst thing you can do is to go home and file a complaint with an animal welfare association.

For when the association appears, the cat will probably not be there or will be dead.

So it’s up to you to act quickly to save the animal’s life.

Act with care

To make the cat come to you, you just have to call it.

The position of its tail will tell you if it trusts humans.

A tail down means that he does not trust you, on the other hand, if he lifts it up, you can be sure that he will approach you.

In case it does not want to approach, offer it food.

Surely with this gesture the stray cat will feel more encouraged and you will gain its trust.

You can stroke his back with affection, this will make him feel comfortable with you until he allows you to carry him.

Another option in case it does not want to approach is to approach it carefully, as it is probably injured or afraid, so we must be very careful not to cause an accident.

Rescue the feline

The next step is to get into action and lift the cat to a veterinarian or animal care facility.

The idea is to find out if they have suffered any physical damage or if they have any condition that is causing them morbidity.

At the veterinarian’s office, the dog will undergo a check-up that includes measuring, weighing, bathing and vaccination against parasites.

In some occasions the veterinarian will check if they are sterilized, if not, he will suggest you to sterilize them due to their street situation.

Adopt a stray cat

If you have decided to rescue the kitten why not also adopt it.

If you rescue it and then don’t give it a home you haven’t really done anything.

If you have decided that the small animal will be a companion in the home, be sure to keep it for a few days in its comfortable cage with its litter box, until it adapts to the smells of your home.

If you are unfortunately unable to keep the cat, you will need to find someone to adopt it. You can post pictures of feline on the net so that it catches the attention of someone who wants and can stay with it.

You can also call an association to find a family for the kitten.

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