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The friendship between cats and dogs

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The friendship between cats and dogsWhen they are small, both cats and dogs form a beautiful friendship that lasts a lifetime. But what to do when that friendship is broken? And instead of there being peace we should be referees of a fight in the middle of the home.

It is beautiful to see and tell interesting stories of how our pets easily become friends, play and protect each other. For this friendship to last forever, both must be treated equally, with the same care, bathing, play. This friendship is such that sometimes the dog allows the kitten to eat from its dish, but there are times when this is not the case and it is better for each to have its own dish for many reasons.

Let us not allow friendship to be broken

Rough games that are insinuated by people cause that friendship to break down. There are those who throw the cat at the dog and the dog is hurt by the cat‘s nails, even if they did not mean to hurt the dog, the dog is hurt and offended. In this way we make the hatred awaken in these sweet pets.

The importance of a good start

In order for a relationship can be prosperous and lasting must begin with a good start, that is, when they are small, since by nature at an early age they are playfulRemember that we are all part of that friendship and we are all affected when that friendship is broken or one is missing in the family.