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Pet allergies

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The worst thing that can happen to an animal lover is to be diagnosed as having a pet allergy. If the condition is very severe, the doctor will recommend taking the animal out of the house. However, before taking drastic measures, we can follow a series of indications to better cope with the disease.

What to do if you are allergic

In this case, the first recommendation is to follow the treatment prescribed by your doctor. Apart from this, it is advisable to carry out a drastic cleaning of the house and the animal’s belongings to avoid as much contact as possible with the element that causes the allergy:

  • -Ventilate the house daily.
  • -Vacuuming
  • -The dog’s bed or the cat’s litter box should be scrupulously washed, as well as all the dog’s belongings.
  • -Brush (or someone in your family if you can’t) your pet, and clean it regularly.
  • -Don’t let your pet in your bedroom. Keep it as a pet-free space.

Why do animals cause allergies?

It is the “dander” or dust from the animal’s skin (also birds) that causes allergies. Other allergens include dog urine and small mammals (ferrets, hamsters, chinchillas), as well as cat sebaceous glands and the saliva of cats and small mammals.

Remember that there are treatments, and that abandonment of the animal should always be the last resort. In case you find yourself in this extreme circumstance, give your pet to a family member or someone who can love and care for it as it deserves.