Living with my dog

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Living with my dogAll of us are sociable and always need company, especially from a pet, but this implies knowing about care, feeding and habits. If we have a puppy always think about their care, they need to know that they are loved and appreciated, this way they will always be faithful.

The attention to my pet, as it is my dog, should also apply strategies that help them in their daily life, in which they share in being a companion and friend in the home, it is important to know that they are special because they give you joy. When you get home, they greet you wagging their tails and are happy because you arrived.

Tips for living with a puppy

Necessary tips for living with our pet:

Checkups at the veterinarian to make sure they are in good health and to take into account the recommendations that they should be aware of.

  • Feeding and grooming to be provided for the puppy.
  • Have a place to rest, a mattress or kennel of adequate size.
  • Have a special dish and water bowl for the puppy.
  • To have a toy to entertain him in his necessary moments.
  • When you bring him home for the first time, let him sniff the corners of the place, as his natural instinct tells him this is my home.
  • We must not forget to vaccinate the puppy.
  • Provide play time for our dog.
  • Teach him the place where he should relieve himself.
  • Teach him to obey intelligently.