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The dog that cared for a young man who fell into a ravine

There is no doubt that the nobility of the dogs is evident even when they are not familiar with some people, and this can be proven by young Juan Heriberto Treviño, who went through one of the most desperate moments of his life, but thanks to a canine, today he can say that he is with his family.

The facts happened in the municipality of Galeana in Monterrey, Mexico, where a young man who was at summer camp was participating in one of the activities that are common in these events, unfortunately little Juan Treviño did not realize that he was too far away from the group while looking for logs and material to help him build a shelter, what he did not know was that in front of him was a ravine into which he fell and could not get out; before his calls for help there was no other person who could hear him.

This is how the dog cared for the young man

Having fallen into the ravine, the 14-year-old boy was reported missing, and family members and department personnel undertook an arduous search; it took more than 40 hours to find the whereabouts of the missing boy.

Fortunately for Juan Treviño, from the moment he separated from the group, a dog did not stop following him at any moment, even when he fell into the ravine, the dog remained stoic with the little boy who entered a state of desperation when he could not get out of the situation in which he found himself.

After almost 2 days had passed, civil protection personnel were able to locate the young boy, the surprise was even greater when they noticed the presence of the noble dog that seemed to be accompanying him, so that he would not feel the loneliness or despair as the hours passed.

After being rescued, the little boy told how he fell into the ravine, and also how the dog that accompanied him was always by his side, he also mentioned his feelings as the hours passed, he believed that he would not come out alive, he even had to take desperate measures, one of them was to drink water from the puddles that were next to him to stay hydrated.

The noble work carried out by the dog caused the little boy and his family to want to adopt him and take him home, but unfortunately for them, the dog that today we know is named Max, already has an owner.