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Dogs also feel jealousy

Like people, dogs also experience a myriad of feelings that are easy to detect, from happiness to sadness, anxietyand even jealousy; and believe it or not, they can also be a source of jealousy are very common in many pets, especially when they have been the only ones at home.
Dogs also feel jealousy
When a dog from a young age lives with other dogs or even different types of pets, such as cats, they can develop a broader sense of empathy, something that allows them to be open to play and interaction, and they are even more willing when their owners are involved with other animals besides them.

The opposite happens when dogs develop in an environment where all the attention is for them, when the coexistence is exclusive with humans, when others of their species arrive, it makes them feel that they are invading them, even more when their owners are involved, that is when they experience sensations similar to jealousy.

There are several signs that indicate when a dog is jealous, here are some of the most common signs.

Aggressiveness. The presence of another pet at home after a long time of being the master and lord, can feel bad in your dog, especially when he perceives that he is receiving less attention than usual; in some cases the reaction will not be long in coming, and the way he will do it will be aggressive, generally against the new member of the family, all in order to make it clear who is the one in charge. You’d better stop it in time, if it is too aggressive it can cause some damage.

Sadness. They can even go to extremes, they do not necessarily all have to be aggressive when they feel jealousy, another common reaction is sadness, their way of showing it is by isolating themselves, they stop doing activities they commonly do and even do not eat the usual amounts or even nothing at all.

What to do with a jealous dog

First of all, remember that if you are going to bring a new pet to your home, the one you had before must be treated with the same love and attention as always. If you notice any symptom that the dog starts to act differently, do not neglect it, give it its place and you will see that with time it will adapt to the presence of another member of the family.