The Dalmatian, beyond the movies

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This breed is well known thanks to the children’s movies in which it has been the protagonist, however, for those who wish to have a Dalmatian, it is necessary to take into account some basic information about this breed and its maintenance.

dalmata puppy

Noble and faithful breed

The Dalmatian is a very special breed of dog, and requires special care. Traditionally it was considered the dog of the aristocracy because it is an extremely loyal companion animal.

It originates from the province of Dalmatia, located in the former Yugoslavia, although exact data on its origin are unknown. While some legends state that it comes from India, from where it would have arrived with groups of nomadic gypsies, others consider it to be a cross between the pointer and the hounds.

Characteristics and care

Its ideal weight should be between 25 and 27 kilograms while its size is between 48 and 58 centimeters in height.

With short and smooth hair, it has a white color with round and defined black spots all over the body, although the puppies are completely white, and the spots will only appear after the first weeks of life. In one out of a thousand cases, the spots may be red instead of black.

Dalmatians are usually polite, clean and calm dogs, and only bark when they have real evidence of danger or sense nearby threats. They are very loyal and affectionate, as well as resistant, so it is advisable to exercise them daily so that they do not lose their resistance capacity.

They consume around 500 grams of commercial feed daily, so the daily cost of their feed can be as much as 3 or 4 euros a day.

The most common diseases These animals can suffer from deafness, due to the white birth factor, and, as adults, deafness due to the white birth factor. goutIf it is not treated immediately, it can turn into gangrene in some of the extremities, so it is advisable to perform care and remain vigilant about this disease and urinary retention.

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