The 3 keys to a healthy environment for your cat

Cats have a reputation for being easy pets because they are usually independent animals, this belief has led some people to neglect their care and needs, causing the feline’s unhappiness. unhappiness of the feline. . Although it is true that cats are independent beings, this does not mean at all that they do not need human attention and other elements to be healthy and happy.

An essential element that is not often talked about is the cat’s living environment. environment in which the cat lives These miniature tigers need stimulation and a safe place to be happy. The environment is more important than meets the eye for a feline, so the 3 keys to a healthy environment for your cat should never be missing.


Higiene del hogar

Just as clean and tidy places make a person feel better, cats greatly appreciate a neat home. This includes both the general cleanliness of the place and the more personal items of the kitty, i.e. its litter box, beds, toys, food and water containers.

It is of utmost necessity for the well-being of the cat that its personal belongings and home itself are clean, as it is the only sure way to avoid external and internal parasites, as well as a means to ensure the feline’s comfort.

Cat transformation

For cats, stimulation and interactive elements are very important, as they are animals that need to channel their energies and at the same time have a cozy place to spend time. Scratching posts, beds on different levels and places in the house, windows with a view to the outside and access to sunlight are essential elements for cat health.

And although at first glance it may seem difficult to achieve, the truth is that with a little creativity a person can set their home in the best feline style in a short time.

Beware of odors and certain materials

Cats, like any other animal, are allergic to certain things found in the environment, and there are even components that are actually toxic to them. Some are allergic to pollen, others to plastic and so on, so it is necessary that the person is attentive to any sign of allergy in the cat, as this significantly affects their peace of mind.

In the area of toxic elements are certain plants, foods and products that are very harmful to felines. The onion garlic and seasonings, for example, should be out of your diet at all costs. Cleaning products such as chlorine are also an important enemy of these animals, mainly pure and in moderately high concentrations.