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How to choose the best complements, accessories and practices for our dog

Providing our pet with everything necessary for its care and complete development is an essential job for owners and even more so when we talk about buying harnesses, collars or leashes that are of quality and that guarantee its health. The best way to always choose the best products in this area is to opt for a site specialized in the field with years of experience and that only has approved and quality products for the care of our dogs.


When you have a pet at home, you have to take into account that it will need a series of items in order to be well cared for and develop perfectly in the environment. Some of the most useful in a dog’s daily life are harnesses, collars or leashes.These animals need to go outside several times a day and are very much used by their owners.

In fact, these products can not only be used for outdoor walking time, but many people have already started to practice the many people have already started to practice mondioring.
with their dogs. This is a very demanding dog training sport in which the animals have to perform a series of specific exercises before judges, such as jumps, positions, picking up a thrown object, etc…, and in which you will have to demonstrate your agility, obedience and protection skills.. For this type of training, leashes and harnesses are essential, so whether for everyday use when going outdoors or for practicing a sport like this, choosing the right straps and harnesses is a very important decision..

Harnesses for dogs

A very popular option among users in recent years is to choose a dog harness with a
dog harness
instead of a strap. It is an article with which the dog will be much more comfortable and controlled, The more you are attached to your body and distribute the weight, the more you will avoid hurting your neck with possible pulls. When deciding on a particular model, it should be taken into account that there are harnesses are available in various types of materials such as nylon, leather or neoprene..

What is always important is that the size of the harness should be perfectly adjusted to the animal’s body dimensions and that it is padded so that it does not cause any kind of chafing on the skin.

Canicross leashes

In the section of leashes for our dog, one of the leashes that is selling the most among owners is the
canicross leash
. It is about a type of leash specifically designed for use in this sport, which consists of owner and animal running together on a leash.. It is a sport that has become very popular in recent years, as it allows owners to exercise with their pets and create a greater bond with them through physical exertion.

To practice this sport it is only necessary to obtain a specialized canicross leash that allows both the owner and the dog to run comfortably and without any discomfort. and that allows both the owner and the dog to run comfortably and without any kind of discomfort.

Choosing the best necklaces

Another option widely used by owners is to acquire a new purchase a
dog collar
that is comfortable, safe and of high quality for the animal. There are different types depending on the material they are made of, such as leather, nylon, rubber or biothane. But there are also necklaces that are specifically designed for un uso de adiestramiento canino y que, por ejemplo, puedan ayudar a minimizar la fuerza de los tirones.

So when it comes to choosing a good collar, the first decision we have to make is the material we want, since some will provide greater resistance and others will be more economical, as well as the function we want the collar to well as the function we want the collar to fulfill.