3 benefits of neutering your cat

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Neutering, also called castration for male cats, is an operation that eliminates the animal’s reproductive capacity. Although it is something that may sound strong and even painful for some owners, its benefits for the well-being of the feline are infinite.

Many people maintain a prejudice towards this practice, considering it as something harmful and against the cat’s nature. This thinking is one of the main causes of cat overpopulation and certain health problems that come along with the lack of sterilization.

That’s why in Puppy World we talk about the 3 benefits of sterilizing your cat.

Benefits your health and lifestyle

Proper spaying or neutering of a cat helps prevent numerous diseases that can cause irreversible damage to the animal’s health. Some of these diseases are, in the case of females, breast or ovarian cancer, pyometra, polycystic ovaries and metritis.

While in males they are usually prostatitis, adenomas, perianal hernias and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Not to mention diseases such as feline HIV, which affects both males and females, and genetically transmitted diseases.

In addition, spaying or neutering in cats prevents other hormone-induced diseases. It also extends their life expectancy.

Positive impact on their behavior

The most common problems faced by owners of unsterilized cats are sudden increases in aggression, anxiety or stress in the feline, as well as housebreaking and other health risk behaviors.

The sudden behavioral changes that come with the mating season in felines lead them to face various risks and manifest behaviors that affect their environment. The most effective and safest solution is to sterilize the cat.

Helps combat overpopulation and neglect

Neutering is one of the few effective tools to curb cat overpopulation and abandonment. By helping to prevent the constant birth of litters of kittens that, in most cases, do not have a stable home or responsible humans around them.

The benefits of spaying or neutering a cat are not only felt by the feline in question, but it also prevents many others from being left alone on the streets.

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