Keeping fish at home: more than a decoration

Lately it has become fashionable to have an aquarium with fish at home, however, it is necessary to remember that fish are living beings and therefore require more care than simple decorative ornaments. In Eastern cultures, for example, fish are a symbol of harmony and prosperity.


Fish do not require as much care as mammals, but you also have to be aware of some factors, such as cleaning the aquarium and changing the water, in addition to regular feeding. The fish needs to be in a clean environment, and in a place visible to the family.

It is recommended to start with fish that require little maintenance, such as tropical fish, which also reproduce easily in small aquariums, although their life span is quite short. An example is the so-called goldfish, a fish resistant to temperature changes, which can last up to two days without eating.

Location and cleanliness

Make sure that there is no sound equipment nearby, so as not to disturb the fish with vibrations. The size of the aquarium depends on your budget and the number of fish you wish to keep. It is necessary to consider their size, whether they grow or not, and if they areof different species, in which case a larger aquarium will be necessary.

Cleanliness is fundamental, and for this reason you should use a filter and pour out the exact amount of food to keep the aquarium cleaner for longer. Some stores sell water chemicals but it is advisable to change the water at least once a week.