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Correct feeding for the large breed puppy

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They are puppies that when they grow up will reach an important size, and for that reason, comparing it with puppies of other breeds, we wonder how to feed our dog, and doubts arise. Does a large breed puppy have to eat more than a small breed dog? We need to break the myths.

The peculiarity of a large breed puppy is that its development phase and growth are prolonged for a longer period of time. However, an excess of food as well as an inadequate feeding, can cause the animal to end up suffering from overweight. Thus, the defect is as bad as the excess when we sit our dog at the table.

What are the stages of a dog’s life and what should it eat at each stage?

Correct nutrition

A diet for large and giant breed puppies should contain moderate levels of fat in order to control their caloric content. In your veterinary center, or failing that, in the market, you will find prepared food for them that contain everything they need for proper nutrition. There are a series of points that we cannot neglect in the puppy’s diet, such as the amount of proteins, fats and minerals that must be in its diet, as well as chondroprotectors and essential fatty acids.

Incorrect feeding can cause calcium deficiency and with it problems in growth, bone and muscle diseases, or that the dog does not develop antibodies, among many other diseases.

The food should be divided into 3 daily intakes. This way we control calorie intake.