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Going on a trip? Count on your pet

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Christmas, Easter or White Week vacations, two mid-week holidays that come together in a pleasant long weekend, and you feel like traveling.

In our free time, we would like to be able to be more affectionate with our pet, but we also feel like going somewhere to relax.

What do we do then? Can’t we combine our two desires?

On vacation, count on your pet

In the case of a dog it is easier, but a cat you know what they say about them. Cats are independent, elusive, solitary animals with a special character. Did you believe it too? There are cats that are very affectionate and seek contact with their masters. So if he is not too nervous, don’t leave him at home, take him with you.

Traveling with a cat

-It is essential to choose a carrier that is comfortable, spacious and safe. Make sure that the cat gets used to entering it. Place absorbent material and paper.

-If you are traveling by plane: check with the airline beforehand.

-If you travel by car: keep an eye on the temperature and ventilation. They must be fastened and secure.

-There are usually no problems with the admission of animals by train. Nevertheless, ask.

-Make sure that the routes are not too long. It is better if they do not stop over. The animal will need to relax, drink water and stretch its legs.

-Upon arrival at the destination, give him water and food, and reassure him with gentle caresses and cuddles. Understand that your cat is nervous about the adventures and being in an unfamiliar place.