Protect your dog or cat’s joints!

Offering our pets a healthy, balanced diet that protects their health by preventing diseases is essential for their well-being and for our peace of mind.joints of your dog or cat2But all this must also combine perfectly with the taste. If our dog or cat does not like the taste of the food, we have a problem.

Arthritis, for example, is a very common disease in dogs and cats as they get older. It is a disease that causes inflammation in the joints of the bones. The cartilage of the joints wears down until it no longer allows the mobility of the extremities involved.

However, problems such as arthritis and other joint conditions can be prevented through proper nutrition.
Specialized brands such as Vetoquinol produce products designed to protect the articular cartilage of dogs and cats.

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Do you want to protect your pet from joint problems?


joints of your dog or catFlexadin is a food supplement for dogs and cats that helps the metabolism of the joints in case of osteoarthritis.

A new chondroprotection product to treat osteoarthrosis in any of its different stages. It is also suitable for all types of dogs and cats, regardless of breed or weight.

Flexadin Plus

You can also find Flexadin Plus, indicated for animals suffering from osteoarthritis, helping to improve their mobility, joint metabolism and cartilage function.

You will find it in chewable tablets that can be mixed with food or given directly to the pet. And it is a food that complements the daily diet of dogs and/or cats.

What advantages does Flexadin Plus offer your pet?

  1. Strengthens your joints and improves your mobility.
  2. Helps joint metabolism and cartilage function.
  3. Promotes the maintenance of articular cartilage strength.
  4. If given to puppies, it prevents possible osteoarthrosis.

In order to protect the health of our best friends, any prevention is welcome. For them, we save them from the ordeal of going through pathologies and illnesses. And we have the peace of mind that comes from seeing them healthy and happy.