“The Miracle Dog” who survived the gas chamber.

daniel, miracle dogThere are so many animal stories that we can tell… Unfortunately, many of them are not only sad, but have dramatic endings. But this is not the case.

We love to discover, know and spread stories of animals, although sometimes they are very hard, as is the case of the story of Daniel, a little dog condemned to death for the simple fact of existing. But not just any death, condemned to the horrible death caused by a gas chamber.
However, Daniel did not give up, his will to live was greater than destiny and he won the fight for his right to live and be happy.

His name is Daniel, although many know him as “The Miracle Dog” after he was saved from being sadly euthanized.

Daniel was a stray puppy from Alabama. But, as if that wasn’t enough pain for a poor defenseless animal, one day someone decided to put him in a kennel and condemn him to death. There the gas chamber awaited him.

Daniel’s story is the story of a miracle. Or something akin to what must be a miracle. After being convicted and put in the gas chamber to end his life on October 3, 2011, Daniel surprisingly and inexplicably emerged from the gas chamber of the Florence, Alabama kennel alive and well. Just like that, as you read it, wagging its tail!

How is it possible that he survived certain death? That is an unanswered question, something that no one can explain, much less have they been able to explain.
In fact, its name, “Daniel” is in honor of the biblical prophet who survived in the lion’s den. He deserved no less. Even so, many know him by a more explicit name “The Miracle Dog”.

Through the animal rescue group Eleventh Hour Rescue, we learned that Daniel not only made it out of the horrible gas chamber alive, but was adopted by a family living in Nutley, New Jersey.
As soon as possible, the organization arranged everything necessary to transfer Daniel to the home that had decided to take him in and give him all the love he deserves, which he deserved from the first day of his life, but which he did not have and which he was denied.

No one understands how he survived! But fortunately, this story had a happy ending and Daniel was taken in by a family that gave him all the love in the world and restored his confidence and joy.