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We often get sore feet, don’t we? The same thing happens to our pets. They are on all fours all day long. Therefore, we must monitor any problem that may affect our pet’s paws, whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit or bird. By preventing pododermatitis we will have a happy pet.

Painful ailment

Pododermatitis is nothing more than inflammation of the paws. It can affect a single paw or several, depending on the causes.

When it is only one paw that is sick, it may be due to a blow or any other trauma, for example, that our pet has nailed something.

It may also be due to some type of allergy.

From scabies to contact with certain substances can cause pododermatitis.

In any case, the veterinarian must assess the cause and status of this disease. This will give us the solution that most relieves our pet, prevent the risks of a possible infection, and also rule out a major cause, such as the presence of a tumor.

How to cure pododermatitis

Occasionally, pododermatitis, if it is minor, heals on its own. In other cases, the veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics such as corticosteroids. In any case, the foreign body must be removed and the wounds well disinfected.

A question of weight

Pododermatitis is common in heavy animals, such as large dogs and fat rabbits. Hence the importance of avoiding overweight.