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Good, nice and cheap: toys

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Our pets have also written their letter to the Three Wise Men, and they also like to receive gifts for their birthdays, for behaving well, and in short, because we love them at any time of the year. However, they are prudent, they know that there is a big economic crisis and, in their letter to the Magi, they have not asked for anything specific, they are satisfied with whatever they want to bring them.Good, nice and cheap: toys

As a reward for their loyalty, kindness and affection, it is good to give our pets a gift this Christmas. But there is no need to spend money if you don’t have any, we tell you how to make wonderful toys for your hamster yourself.

Homemade toys

The most humble gifts are the ones we make ourselves, the ones that offer the most affection and, in the end, the ones we value the most. To show you how fun and gratitude don’t cost money, and to demonstrate your manual skills, we show you an ideal toy for hamsters, which he will love and which won’t cost you any money.

You need a string, a candy bar and a paper clip. The treat, choose a food that he likes very much. Then make a small hole in the center to put the string through. And finally, use the clip as a perch for the treat toy in its cage. Secure the treat by tying a knot in the end of the string.

With these simple materials, and with a minimum of skill, which is not much, you will delight your hamster ‘s leisure time with this homemade pet treat. And without spending money. A piece of cereal bread or a small biscuit can be useful.