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How to prepare your cat for the arrival of a baby at home

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The family is about to grow and you’re wondering how to prepare your cat for the arrival of a baby? There are ways to do this so that the changes are not stressful for your feline pet and everything goes smoothly. In general, the arrival of a baby at home will bring changes for everyone and you have to take into account that your cat is a member of the family.

The idea is that you prepare the environment in advance so that the coexistence between your baby and your cat is good from the beginning. This will avoid unnecessary stress for you and your pet. Take our advice into account and everything will be fine.

Preparing your cat for the baby’s arrival

Think for a moment that you come back from the clinic with your baby in your arms and that it is your cat that welcomes you. All kinds of new situations will happen for the whole family and it is preferable that you do some preliminary actions to prepare your cat for the arrival of the baby.

Pheromone diffuser

Using a pheromone diffuser will allow your cat to feel calmer. These devices are indicated in cases of feline anxiety and stress and can help them calm down.

These are synthetic pheromones that can be found in pet stores and veterinary centers. They mimic the pheromones that cats secrete to calm themselves and to mark territory. So it may be a good idea to place them before the imminent arrival of a baby at home.

Progressive furniture changes

It is natural that to prepare for the arrival of a baby, furniture and room changes are made. If it is the case that the room where your cat used to be will become the baby’s room, it is recommended that you make the changes progressively.

Try changing the furniture some time in advance so that your cat can see the changes naturally. And if you plan to restrict your cat from entering the room, you should do so progressively to avoid stressful situations for your feline pet.

New smells

You may prepare some scents for your baby’s clothes and room. A good idea may be that a few days before the arrival of the baby at home, place in the rooms the new scents such as the baby cologne that the new member of the family will use.

This also applies to everything your baby will wear. This will make it easier for your cat to change. You can do this in the days leading up to delivery.

Medical checkup

It is important that a few days before the birth you give your cat a medical check-up. This way you will make sure that they are healthy and that they do not have any parasites that could affect both their own health and that of your baby.

How to introduce a baby?

The most important thing is that you do it naturally and without forcing your cat. Ideally, let your cat be the one to approach the baby, driven by its own curiosity.

For example, if you are sitting with your baby in your arms, let your kitty come over to sniff a little. She will soon realize that the baby is not a threat but a new member of the family whom she will learn to love.

Try to avoid affecting your cat’s routines as much as possible and you will see how everything will go smoothly.

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