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Is warm clothing necessary for your dog?

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If you have ever wondered whether it is necessary for your dog to have warm clothing, in this article we prepare some answers. It is possible that there is no single answer, as it will depend on several factors such as dress tolerance and breed type. And of course, the temperatures in the place where you live with your pet dog.

In general, dogs have a coat capable of protecting them from the elements and from the cold outside. While this may be a reality, it is also true that the coexistence of dogs with humans has caused breeds to vary in their characteristics from those of their ancestors. In other words, the ancestors of our current dogs were probably able to survive extreme climates, but today things may be different.

In addition, another issue to consider is that there are dogs with less hair, but still live in climates with low temperatures. In these cases, it is quite possible that you should keep your pet warm.

When to put warm clothes on your dog

In countries with extreme climates and very low temperatures, it is advisable to take the precaution of putting warm clothes on your dog during the coldest days of winter. Of course, it should be remembered that the vast majority of homes are heated. This keeps them at a pleasant indoor temperature, even if the outside temperatures are very low.

As long as your pet is indoors, in a nice, warm temperature, you don’t have to keep him or her warm, just as you don’t have to keep yourself warm. But if your dog is indoors, exposed to the heat, and you decide to take him for a walk in the snow, keep in mind that you should consider keeping him warm.

The sudden change of temperature can be aggressive for your dog. In addition, for small-sized dogs, it will be even more aggressive. This is because they can lose heat more quickly because their body surface area is greater in proportion to their weight, compared to larger dogs.

However, there are also small dogs that have a larger body mass. In other words, they are very robust. This type of dog may not need an extra coat while they are young and healthy. But, every dog can vary in its needs and you should be aware of the signals it gives you about whether low temperatures are giving it a hard time. And in any case, avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Another factor to take into account is that puppies and elderly dogs will need more protection from the weather. This is because they may be less resistant to climatic changes.

How to choose the right garments

As a general rule, a garment that serves as a coat for your dog should cover from the withers on the back to the base of the tail. If your clothes are shorter than that, you will expose your lower back. Remember that this area is the one that can suffer the most from the cold.
It is also important to cover your pet’s neck if he/she has neck problems.

You can also take into account that the garment is made with elastic fabrics that adapt to your pet’s body and do not limit its movements.

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