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Is it possible to bathe a cat?

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In general, cats tend to take care of their own cleanliness by grooming themselves on a daily basis. But, there are times when you will have to resort to more drastic methods of cleaning your cat. If you are wondering if it is possible to bathe a cat, the answer is yes. Of course, ideally you should let them take care of their own cleaning, but there will be times when bathing will be necessary. It is possible that they have become very dirty or have accumulated a lot of dust and in these cases you should give them a bath.

The best way to habituate the cat to water is to get it used to it from an early age. This way, bathing your cat can be a fun experience for your kitty. Remember that small cats can be very interested if you present the experience in a playful way. For example, you could add a toy while you are bathing him and he will associate water with fun. You can also talk to him and cuddle him while you are bathing him.

What you need to bathe your cat

The first thing to do is to prepare the things you will need to bathe your cat. The following is a list of implements and accessories:

  • Shampoo formulated for cats and according to the age of your cat.
  • Conditioner if the cat is long-haired
  • Bath toys, which can get wet without being damaged
  • Towel of sufficient size
  • Shampoo removal container
  • Bathtub or sink
  • Hair dryer
  • After bath award
  • Warm environment to avoid cooling

If you use the sink to bathe your cat, note that you should let your cat step on the bottom and feel safe in the space.


If you bathe your cat in the sink, you can hold it with one hand under its body and wet it with the bowl. This way you won’t have to put it under running water. If you notice that your kitten is getting nervous, you can try calming it down by gently lifting it from behind the neck. This is equivalent to how their mother would carry them, so small cats usually calm down immediately. In some adult cats, the technique may work. But in any case, it is recommended that you test carefully beforehand so that you do not react with a scratch. It is also recommended that this technique be performed between two people: one lifting and the other holding the body. This way you will avoid possible pain to your cat.

When wetting the cat, make sure that the water does not get into the cat’s ears. You can rub the shampoo gently and wash the paws and perianal region. It is important that while you are bathing him, allow him to stand on his paws so that he does not become frightened or upset.

Once it is well cleaned, rinse the coat with warm water and remove the shampoo residue with your hand in the same direction as the hair. After that, you can wrap it in the towel and dry it, but always calmly and gently. If it is cold, use the hair dryer, but from about 30 centimeters away so that he does not get scared. Finish the process with a reward for your kitty.

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