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What should I feed my gecko?

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A gecko is a type of lizard that is becoming increasingly popular as a pet in many homes. This is because they tend to have a fairly docile character and can become excellent companions. However, if you don’t know how to feed your gecko, in this article we have prepared some tips for you to learn how to feed your gecko everything it needs for good health.

Remember that geckos are small lizards with scales that can measure between 18 and 30 centimeters. They have a flattened body and a long, thick tail. The eyes are usually very large and have a wide membrane that protects them, although the vast majority do not have eyelids. The most common species to keep at home are the leopard gecko, the phelsum and the crested gecko. Each of them has its own conditions and characters. It is important to know that there are about 1,500 subspecies of geckos worldwide.

What geckos eat

Geckos usually base their diet on insects. That is, these friendly lizards eat mainly small insects, which they hunt according to their size. A gecko in captivity may eat insects such as crickets, silkworms and small cockroaches. For example, you can offer four to eight crickets per feeding. It is not recommended that you give them more of these insects to prevent them from wandering around the terrarium and stressing your small pet.

One thing to keep in mind is that geckos are actually carnivores and are a species that has been defined as opportunistic hunters. This means that unlike other types of lizards, geckos do not have very strictly defined food preferences. For example, smaller species may feed on small invertebrates and other items commensurate with their size.

If you want to supplement your gecko’s diet, you can offer some treats. You can get some recommendations at pet stores, but a good idea is Galleriamellonella larvae or waxworms. However, this type of food should be offered only occasionally. This is because it is a food that is addictive to them, but does not have the nutrients your gecko needs to be healthy.

It is also important that you offer them fresh water on a regular basis.

Curiosities of geckos

  • Geckos can run away at high speed and are very agile.
  • They can traverse vertical surfaces because they have adhesive pads on the toes of their feet.
  • Part of its tail may become detached in the face of a threat. This one will grow back
  • In addition, you can tell from the tail if the specimen is well fed or if it needs more food. In their tails they accumulate all the fat
  • A gecko can live between fifteen and twenty years with proper care.

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